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Doctor in Ministry

Doctor of Ministry Program

Purpose and the Program Objectives

The Doctor of Ministry program offers students the opportunities necessary to develop their pastoral competency for different ministry settings. It is specifically designed for pastors, missionaries, or others who want to serve in ministry to better lead others in spiritual development.

Objectives of Doctor of Ministry (D. Min.)

Upon completing this degree, students will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate advanced knowledge of a particular theological discipline and/or practice of ministry.
  2. Contribute to the understanding of intercultural aspects of the chosen field(s) of study.
  3. Apply academic research to the practice of ministry.
  4. Demonstrate advanced personal integrity and spiritual growth.

Admission Requirements

Anyone possessing a M.Div. or its equivalent meets the basic academic requirement for admission to the program. See the section on admissions criteria, earlier in this catalog, for additional requirements. Also, the following generally apply:

  1. Recommended to be 18 years of age or older.
  2. Have a Master of Divinity or Theology or its equivalent. Foreign transcripts must be

evaluated and approved prior to applying to the program.

  1. Experience in pastoral ministry or special ministry for more than 3 years.
  2. Functional ability to read and write in Korean.
  3. Prospective student must complete an admission application for MTSA.

Program Requirements

 The D. Min. Program combines training in ministerial content and methods in their coursework with the completion of their Professional Thesis Project. Early in the program, students choose a primary focus which involves one or more areas of the curriculum in which to concentrate their study. The focus of coursework as well as the culminating Professional Thesis Project will be related to the topic area related to their ministry. The D. Min. program concludes with a Professional Project designed to contribute to their ministry, both in and beyond the student’s particular context. Course selection, assignments for particular classes, and design of directed studies should all be done with the area of concentration as well as the Professional Project in mind. Students in the D. Min. program enroll in courses during the regular academic year.

Doctoral Thesis

 All D. Min. students must complete a summative exercise. Generally, the doctoral thesis is 60-80 pages in length, excluding bibliography, appendices, table of contents, etc. It may be completed in connection with a course of directed study during the third or fourth of the program.

Course Track

Practice and Spirituality Track 

  1. D.Min. program provides preparation for students in the practical and spiritual areas of Spiritual formation, Christian Education, Pastoral Counseling, Teaching in faith communities and other non-profit organizations. Students are required to take online coursework during the semester from faculty in practical theology (Christian Education, Counseling, Spirituality Education, etc…). Some of the lectures are two-week intensive courses held once a year on campus in the United States and/or South Korea, with one course each morning, and another in the afternoon. As students complete the necessary coursework, they will select the areas they wish to write and research in the practice and spiritual track. An advisor will be assigned for each student whom they will be in consultation with through the progression of their studies. Additional information on this track can be found at the MTSA office.

Professional Studies - 24 Units (coursework)

Doctoral thesis – 6 Unit (including the Writing Workshop class)

Before the advisor’s approval, the student must take a “Writing Workshop Class.” The doctoral thesis, as approved by one’s advisor, must be completed within the final 2 semesters of enrollment.

TOTAL – 30 units