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MTSA Missionary Training Center of KMCA

MTSA Missionary Training Center of KMCA


1.      Purpose

The purpose of the MTCK is to educate missionaries to be witnesses of Jesus to the ends of the world as He commanded to build the kingdom of God on earth, here and now. As John Wesley once said, “The world is my parish.” This institution is a training program entrusted by the General Board of Mission of the Korean Methodist Church.


2. Qualifications of Missionary

Should be eligible to travel abroad,

1)   Among those who were baptized at least 3 years ago, should have confidence in their calling to embark on world missions.

2)   Sports Instructors (Qualified coaches of Taekwondo, Judo, Kendo, etc.)

3)   Medical Missionaries (Nurses, Acupuncturists, Doctors, etc.)

4)   Skilled Musicians

5)   English Teachers (Should be eligible to teach English at schools)

6)   Pastors and Ministers with a degree in Theological Studies


3. Training Periods

1) Short-term (1-6 Months)

2) Long-term (1-3 Years)


4. Programs

1)      A course in which participants will learn about various theological subjects essential to their missions,

2)      A course in which participants will learn about the culture and lifestyles of mission fields.

3)      An acupuncturist class for long-term students to attain an acupuncturist license. Short-term students are required to complete 1350 hours in 3 years.

4)      An English-speaking course to improve English speaking ability.


5. Sending Out Missionaries and Administration

Missionaries will be sent out based on the decisions made by organizations in corresponding mission fields and the Global Board of Mission of KMC. The Methodist Theological School in America sponsored by its Board of Directors is responsible for the administration of these decisions. Detailed information will be provided by MTSA.