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Jesus Christ proclaimed the gospel of salvation to the world and picked up the cross to become the sacrificial lamb for humanity. By God’s grace, the bridge to salvation has been opened. This gospel has been proclaimed for the past 2000 years. Those who have been saved through faith have been commissioned to proclaim this gospel to the contemporary world. This mission shall continue until the second coming of Christ.

Methodist Theological Seminary in America have been established by the Korean Methodist Church of Americas in 1996 to equip Christ’s saints for ministry. Our seminary is dedicated to train up pastors, missionaries, and lay leaders with a strong Methodist and theological foundation, who will proclaim the gospel of Christ to the contemporary world.

Methodist Theological Seminary in America continues to build up those enduring the harsh immigrant life by encouraging and teaching holy discipline and a reverent lifestyle. Also, our seminary encourages and teaches our students to grow a harmonious faith and a balanced life by creating opportunities to partake in the ministry of saints.

Our seminary welcomes all Christians who wish to become trained and equipped for ministry to serve the Christ who have saved us. In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, we bless all Christians persevering in faith together and Christians who await and hope for the second coming of Christ.

Rev. David Lim, President