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MTSA Theological Learning Center for Lay Leaders

MTSA Theological Learning Center for Lay Leader


1. Logistics

Classes will be held twice a week on Tuesday and Thursday evenings.
Two subjects will be taught throughout 10 weeks (two and half months).

Each subject has 3 credits.

Students are required to complete 12 subjects (36 credits in 2 years).

Classes will be run 3 times each year.

Students who complete 36 credits will qualify as assistant pastors for caring ministries and be exempt from qualifying exams for elders and deacons.

  • Spring Term (April-June)
  • Fall Term (September-November)
  • Winter Term (January-March)



2. Course

1) Introduction to the New Testament
2) Introduction to the Old Testament
3) Church History
4) Introduction to Christian Theology
5) The Life and Theology of John Wesley
6) Mission and Evangelism
7) Pastoral Care and Counseling
8) Spiritual Theology
9) Lay Ministry
10) Theology on Caring Ministry
11) Health and Contemporary Science
12) Reading through the NT and OT